"Yes And" Mental Health Conference

September 8-10, 2017 Chicago, Illinois


We are bringing together practitioners and researchers of the human condition who share a desire to further study, implement and advance the impact of Improv.  Therapists, LCSW's, Psychologists and researchers from all over have taken notice to the usefulness and benefits of improvisation.  For the first time, professionals and practitioners from across the nation will convene in the "mecca" of Improvisation itself (Chicago!) to share their insights, discuss modalities, take advanced improvisational workshops, perform improv together and network within this new community.  

3 Days of Activities

Seminars, Workshops & Performances

Conference Details

Friday September 8th / Starting at 7pm Come to our Opening Night Keynote where there will be a panel discussion on Improvisation & Psychology, a showcase performance by The Therapy Players, and an opportunity to join an Improv Jam!

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This multidisciplinary workshop will be divided into three sections: 1. Implementing improv into a clinical practice. 2. Measuring outcomes of clinical improv. 3. Improv and the brain. After attending in this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. Describe how improv can be implemented into a clinical practice. 2. List three ways that a clinician can measure an intervention. 3. Explain how improv can be used as a cognitive activity. 4. Describe possible neural mechanisms responsible for positive effects of improv on cognitive functioning.

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Rachael Mason is a world-class improviser, instructor and all around guru. She is among the few left who studied under Del Close and she has synthesized scene work and deconstructed this art in a way that has surpassed Del's philosophy. With volunteer audience participants, Rachael will engage in advanced improv exercises and analysis. Do not miss out on this chance to work with Rachael.

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Includes all workshops, performances, and seminars

Single Day Pass (Early Registration)

Adults (non-students)


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Date:  September 8-10, 2017
Location:  MCL Chicago Theater,  FRIDAY NIGHT OPENING 
& The Annoyance Theater, SATURDAY & SUNDAY
Early Registration:  Now Open!

We are hard at work organizing and planning for this event.  

You do not have to be a mental health professional to participate.  Anyone with a desire to further explore enhancing the human experience through the lens of improvisation will have much to gain from this conference. Students at the college level are welcome to join as well.

Otherwise, come back again for more details on the schedule of events, performances, workshops and round-tables we are putting together.

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3110 North Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States