2nd annual improv & mental health conference

"Yes And" Mental Health. Improvisation and the Mind

2nd annual improv & mental health conference
We are now accepting PROPOSALS to present!  

Mission. Bringing together therapists, clinicians and researchers who share a desire to advance the study, understanding and integration of improvisation and mental health.

This is the second annual conference of “Improv & Psychology” being held in Chicago. This city supports both a thriving community of improvisational theaters and an offering of universities with highly-reputable programs in psychology and social work.  We aim to bring these communities of skilled practitioners together to expand the conversation, share discoveries, explore the research and look towards the future of the applied sciences and application of improvisation in the mental health field.

Last year brought many wonderful practitioners of improv and mental health from around the country together as a single community. We will do it again and welcome even more people into our special "Yes And" mind-space.

Look for these additional components:

  • More breakout sessions
  • Diversity Scholarships
  • More performance and play opportunities.

This year's conference is being sponsored by Wavelength Chicago,  a theater program that started in 1980 which specializes in bringing improv into schools and educators.  Thank you Wavelength!

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-Stephanie McCullough, PsyD.